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Construction Solutions

Expanded polystyrene is an innovative building material that has a wide range of applications on the construction industry.
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Construction Solutions

Expanded polystyrene is an innovative building material that has a wide range of applications on the construction industry. It is recognized as a powerful design element and an ideal choice for developers that offer sustainable advantages and maximize energy efficiency. Our insulation products are made from an environmentally sound, closed cell, polystyrene foam and are customized to your specification.

Slope Protection and Rebuilding Application

EPS Geofoam is considered one of the most versatile filling material for Geosynthetics. It not only provides thermal insulation, but is also considered for lightweight fill, drainage accommodation, compression inclusions, to mitigate if not totally eliminate lateral earth pressure, and provide structural support most especially in Geotechnical projects. It can be used to rebuild slopes in replacement to soil, fill for embankments due to its lightweight feature and compressive resistance.

Vehicle Ramp Slope Correction Filler

High density EPS Geofoam can be used for parking ramps whereas weight is a designers concern. Employing the use of EPS Geofoam as fillers for ramps to be built on slabs can withstand even vehicular traffic not limiting the building owner of the desire to create afterthought structures.

Raise Flooring Application

EPS Geofoam has proven that it can withstand loads to provide a filling material for changing the elevation for floors or raise flooring addressing also any weight concerns by structural engineer. And due to EPS Geofoam flexibility, it can easily be cut to accommodate other utilities for plumbing, electrical, ducting exhaust or any afterthought requirement. With careful design by engineers, EPS Geofoam can be applied either for human or vehicular traffic.

SIPS Application

SIPS or Structural Insulation Panels systems has been around for decades providing light weight, flexible, pre-built wall building systems for the construction industry. It involves EPS as the core, sandwiched together with 2 boards, adhered to both sides. The core EPS has provided these wall with thermal resistance giving homeowners with comfortable unit homes. Since the combination of EPS and boards has been proven to be very light weight, logistics would never be a challenge, ease of installation results in faster construction time.

Lightweight Slab Application

IT has always been a concern for designers and engineers to build lightweight slabs thru the years. They are faced with too much concrete poured in the structure. With the use of EPS Geofoam, designers can offset concrete and concentrate the concrete and reinforcement to where it is critical. Properly designed EPS geofoam will result in light weight structures, wider column location and insulation as a bonus.

Roofing Application

EPS being a very cost efficient insulation material has be used for roofing insulation. The concept of this application is to never let the roof heat up. Designers have increasing learning that EPS meets any roofing insulation demand because of its cost effective and consistent thermal value. Mixed with any exterior membrane or any coatings designers can think off, projects are ensured of architectural design stability . With flexibility of the EPS, your limitation is your imagination.

Fiberglass Mould Application

Thru the years, EPS has been a material of choice for making moulds for complex figures for fiberglass because of its flexibility. It can be shaped using computer cutters or hand cut to produce either the negative mould or the actual figure before finishing with fiberglass and other coatings. With the aide of skillful minds and hands, there is no limit on what shapes you can produce with the help of EPS.

Cylindrical Concrete Displacement Application

The solid EPS cylindrical shaped material has been used for concrete block outs mostly in bridges application. With the right density and carefully designed bridges, it can reduce unwanted concrete during construction resulting in faster curing and lightweight bridges to battle long term settlement.

EIFS Application

EIFS or Exterior Insulation Finishing System is one of the most popular choice for commercial establishments. EPS has been the material of choice for the insulation due to its versatility and cost efficiency in this application. It involves cladding the exterior parts of the buildings with our Fire retardant EPS as insulation and finishing it off with cementitious coatings of the owners choice. MPC has been the leader in supplying most insulation requirement locally and has made numerous contractors and other coating suppliers as partners in this business.

Roof Garden Application

More than a decade ago, MPC has introduced an EPS application for roof gardens. The material is a moulded EPS tray that collects water which serves the softscape with irrigation during drought periods of the year. It also provides sub surface drainage provision to allow water to flow freely underneath preventing clogging. Partnered with several roof garden materials, the roof garden system buildup will ensure less water maintenance, clogged free and efficient cost effective design.

Product Integrity

Proven design consistency, excellent product integrity, and tailored solutions are the reasons our customers continuously patronize our products for their construction material requirements. We make sure that strict manufacturing specifications and quality control are implemented from production to delivery to make sure our customers receive a consistently superior product.