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Packaging Solutions

Our moulded polystyrene foam packaging materials are designed to cushion, protect, absorb shock, insulate your product from shipment, handling, and storage.
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Packaging Solutions

Our moulded polystyrene foam packaging materials are designed to cushion, protect, absorb shock, insulate your product from shipment, handling, and storage. More importantly, the foam is one of the most recyclable and environment-friendly materials available in the industry.

The production process adheres to strict manufacturing specifications and quality assurance to make sure that our clients receive a consistent and reliable product. Our design consistency, repeat product performance, and design flexibility is one of the few reasons our clients continue to patronize our products for their packaging needs.

Moulded High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) Products

A more resilient type of EPS used for the packaging of High-End products. The HIPS material contains rubber to make the moulded product tougher and harder to disintegrate during impact, providing a better protection for the packaged product.

Moulded Co-Polymer Packaging Products

This hybrid material is composed of 65% EPS and 35% EPE, a foam cushioning capable to withstand repeated abuse and still be able to perform. We have designed and fabricated a large number of the foam cushions and foam dunnage as the main fuselage to wings of remote controlled airplanes. The same material is also used for packaging highly sensitive electronic products that requires a high shock absorption.

Moulded Expandable Polyethylene (EPE) Products

This high-end material delivers foam solution for handling light-weight and shock-sensitive parts commonly found in automotive, computer, and medical device industries. Our foam products prove to be an effective solution, offering a returnable, recyclable alternative to expandable packaging.

Moulded Expandable Polypropylene (EPP) Products

An exceptionally eco-friendly and high-end material is a flexible and versatile plastic foam designed for lightweight, energy management, and cushioning heavier and shock sensitive parts. A preferred material used in the automotive and aerospace industry that replaces materials such as metals, wood and a variety of other products.

Assembled Combination Packaging Products

Custom foam fabrication services that include corrugated containers tailored to address your product’s dimensional stability and cushion requirements for added protection. Our custom foam fabrication services are often included with the corrugated containers, and built to meet your requirements.

Die-Cut Laminated EPE Packaging Products

A high-end packaging material which provides strong cushioning properties and shock proofing capabilities. This custom moulded EPE packaging is flexible and lightweight, with cushioning capabilities that absorb shock by spreading the impact from the outside while having the ability to bend itself.

How safe are these packaging materials with the environment?

We consistently evaluate the package performance and environmental impact of our products throughout its lifecycle. Expanded polystyrene packaging is a smart, safe, and sustainable cushioning that is lightweight and reduces the damage rate with translates to a wide range of positive sustainability factors. The material can be recycled into a product of equal value or up-cycled to a product of higher value.

Does the material meet health and safety considerations throughout its lifecycle?

Expanded polystyrene is made out of 98% air and has a basic chemical makeup that consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen—elements that are found in wood and other organic materials. Making the entire composition an inert material without harmful chemicals that off-gas or leach throughout its lifecycle.

Product Integrity

Proven design consistency, excellent product integrity, and tailored solutions are the reasons our customers continuously patronize our products for their foam packaging needs. We make sure that strict manufacturing specifications and quality control are implemented from production to delivery to make sure our customers receive a consistently superior product.